Pre-Owned Trailers


Kentucky Special #1 (16′ Box) – FOB Whiteville, NC
(16′ Box plus 8’ over Gooseneck for a total length of 24′)
(April,2005) Approx Weight: 5080 lbs. Hooked to Truck: 3940 lbs. Hitch Weight: 1140 lbs.

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  • 7’6” Height
  • 79” Wide
  • LED Tail Lights, Marker and Runner Lights, DOT Conspicuity Tape
  • White Fiberglass Top (Cooler inside) w/ Six Top Air Scoops
  • Axles – Tandem – 7000lbs. Ea. -Electric Brakes w/DOT Approved Break Away
  • Under Gooseneck
  • LT235I85R16, 10-Ply Radial Tires wll6D Wheels w/Hub Caps w/ Spare Tire and Wheel
  • and Cover mounted under Gooseneck
  • Drop Foot Landing Gear
  • Adjustable Gooseneck Coupler
  • TaIl Back Doors w/ (15″ x 22″) Sliding Window il Bars In each Door w/ Dual Cam Latch
  • Ramp Over Back Doors
  • One Center Cut Gate, 8′ From Back w/Rubber Kick Plates (36′ tall) on Both Sides
  • Drop Down Solid Gate Going into Gooseneck – 30” High
  • No Windows or Side Door in Gooseneck
  • Side Ramp on Right Side (55″ Wide x 51″ tall) wl (22″x 30″) Sliding Window w/ Bars
  • In Door Above (Open Width: 53″)
  • Chain Across Front Ramp and Rear of Trailer
  • Extruded Sides up to 54″ then 6″ Iexan, 9″ solid 6” Iexan, MiII Finish Aluminum
  • Treated Wood Floor w/ Rubber Floor Mats (Aluminum Floor at No Extra Charge)
  • (35″ x 70″) Gore Made Escape Door (Left Side) w/ (15″ x 24″) Sliding Window w/ Bars
  • Over Windows and Outside Safety Latch (Butterfly)
  • Door Hold Backs on aII Doors
  • No Inside Fender Wells – Tear Drop Fenders Outside w/ Safety Edging & Diamond plate
  • Rubber Kick Plates – 43″ TaIl on sides and front of Gooseneck wall
  • Carpet on Gooseneck Floor
  • Two Lights in Horses stall, One in Gooseneck, Two outside Lights
  • Six Outside Ties (Three Per Side), Eight Inside Ties (Two Per Side in each Section)
  • Six Bridle Hooks Inside Gooseneck (Three Per Side)
  • Three 2″ Tape Stripes (1″ available in some colors)
  • Extra length (79″ wide)
  • For Drop Down Windows in Place of Lexan, per Drop Down Window.